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UArizona Receives $4M in Federal Grants to Support Underrepresented Students

The University of Arizona has received nearly $4 million in grants from the U.S.

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UA Makes Major Leap in US News & World Report Rankings

The University of Arizona made one of the nation's biggest jumps in the 2021 U.S.

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UArizona Collaborates on $115M Effort to Build Quantum Computer

Three University of Arizona engineers are part of the newly established $115 million Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center, led by the U.S.

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DARPA Selects Quntao Zhuang for Young Faculty Award

Quntao Zhuang, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the James C.

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College Welcomes New Faculty, Leadership

The College of Engineering welcomed three new faculty member this semester, all in the Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering, or SIE.

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Jonathan Sprinkle Takes Helm of Transportation Research Institute

Jonathan Sprinkle, the Litton Industries John M.

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Researchers Work to Ensure Accurate Decoding in Fragile Quantum States

When computers share information with one another, the information gets encoded into bits, then decoded back into its original form. In the process, pieces of the information sometimes get scrambled, or lost.

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Harnessing the Sun to Purify Concentrated Waste Streams

Reverse osmosis is one of the most common methods for purifying saline water, but the process produces limited results. About 20% to 50% of the water that enters the system remains as a concentrated waste stream.

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