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NASA Takes Virtual Tour of Mini-Labs for Studying Asteroids

As part of an array of space-based research, researchers at the University of Arizona are contributing to a $3 million project that uses mini-labo

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OSIRIS-REx Successfully Touches Asteroid Bennu in Sample Grab

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft unfurled its robotic arm yesterday, and in a first for the agency, briefly touched an asteroid in an attempt to collect dust and

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Sonoran Students Set to Earn Interest-Free Mining Engineering Degrees

Mineral deposits don’t stop at borders, and neither does a mining engineering education. Perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than along the Arizona-Mexico border.

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$1.8M to Advance Device for Detecting COVID-19, Cancer, Contaminants

In Judith Su's Little Sensor Lab, researchers are working to sense tiny amounts – down to a single molecule – of everything from doping agents to biomarkers

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Three SIE Researchers Earn NSF Funding in One Month

The National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency dedicated to promoting the progress of science, provided funding to three University of Arizona systems and industrial engineering re

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UA Program Named 'Example of Excelencia' in Recognition of Service to Latino Students in STEM

Excelencia in Education, a national organization focused on accelerating Latino student success in higher education, last week announced four evidence-based prog

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College Prepares to Give Back During UA Cares

If you walked past the Civil Engineering building in October 2019, you might have seen a table full of pizza surrounded by adoptable puppies.

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Engineers Create AI Tech to Repair and Maintain On-Orbit Spacecraft

On-orbit spacecraft maintenance and repair is often managed remotely by humans on Earth via teleoperation -- a high-stress process that can be difficult to manage and involve fatigue-induced mistakes.

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