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Construction Begins on UArizona's New Applied Research Building

Construction of the University of Arizona's new $85 million, three-story Applied Research Building began today as crews broke ground on the 89,000-square-foot facility.

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How Rainbows Could Boost Your Roof’s Solar Power

The solar panels on your roof are not perfect machines.

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Paul Blowers Wins Gerald J. Swanson Prize for Teaching Excellence

Paul Blowers is one of five University of Arizona faculty members to receive the 2021 Gerald J. Swanson Prize for Teaching Excellence. The recognition is one of the university's annual Awards of Distinction.

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Researchers Trace Dust Grain's Journey Through Newborn Solar System

A research team led by the University of Arizona, including representatives from the College of Engineering, has reconstructed in unprecedented detail the history of a dust grain that formed during the birth of the solar system more than 4.5 billi

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Alumnus Endows $1M Chair in Materials Science and Engineering


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New School of Mining and Mineral Resources Will Take Holistic Approach

As the global population works to reduce carbon emissions, the need for mined resources such as copper is increasing, with the World Bank estimating demand for copper could grow 200% by 2050.

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EMPOWER STEM Program Creates Student Pathways to Jobs in National Labs

University of Arizona associate professor Erin Ratcliff was fascinated by the work she did as a faculty fellow at the Naval Research Lab in 2017 and again, remotely, in 2020.

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UArizona Engineers Demonstrate a Quantum Advantage

Quantum computing and quantum sensing have the potential to be vastly more powerful than their classical counterparts.

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