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UArizona Scientists Investigate New Frontiers of Sound With $30M Center

The National Science Foundation has granted the University of Arizona $30 million over five years to establish a new

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UArizona and Partners Form Consortium to Address Southwest Water Concerns

The Colorado River, which provides drinking water to tens of millions of people and irrigation water to more than 5 million acres of farmland, has dropped by one-third in recent years.

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Computer Science and Engineering BS Launching in Fall 2023

Right now, United States employers are unable to fill around 1 million computer science-related jobs because of a lack of qualified candidates, as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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NSF CAREER Awardee Develops a 1-Minute Frailty Testing Platform

A layperson might think of “frail” as simply a synonym for “weak” or “fragile.” But in the medical field, frailty is a specific term, meaning – due to factors including inflammation and hormone shifts – a patient has a lack of physiological reserv

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The Nose Knows: CAREER Awardee Developing Bioinspired Optical Sniffer Sensor

The human nose, which has around 6 million olfactory receptors, can distinguish between at least 1 trillion different odors.

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UA Engineers Lead $70M Project To Turn Desert Shrub Into Rubber

University of Arizona researchers are teaming up with Bridgestone Americas Inc. to develop a new variety of natural rubber from a source that is more sustainable and can be grown in the forbidding conditions of the arid Southwest.

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Anti-Snoring Project Excites at Design Day 2023



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Building Pathways Project Paves the Way for Future Civil Engineers

Ilianna Juarez chose civil engineering because she wants to change the world.

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