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Building Pathways Project Paves the Way for Future Civil Engineers

Ilianna Juarez chose civil engineering because she wants to change the world.

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$10.8M Initiative Unites Engineering and Health Researchers To Improve Cancer Treatments

Eradicating cancer is a complex goal because of the environment in which the disease grows – the human body.

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Engineer Awarded $4.5M to Develop AI-Powered Hypersonic Guidance and Navigation Systems

Roberto Furfaro, a University of Arizona professor of systems and industrial engineering, has been awarded $4.5 million to lead the development of improved guidance, navigation an

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Battery-Free, Light-Powered Pacemaker May Improve Quality of Life for Heart Disease Patients

Atrial fibrillation – a form of irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia – leads to more than 454,000 hospitalizations and nearly 160,000 deaths in the United States each year.

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$1.4M Effort Develops Reusable Sponges to Soak up Harmful Chemicals From Water

University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University researchers are developing specialized, reusable sponges to remove a group of chemicals known as PFAS from water.

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Sen. Sinema Voices Support for Mining and Mineral Resource Programs at University of Arizona Visit

At a recent University of Arizona roundtable on securing the defense supply chain, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema spoke about the importance of the mining and mineral resource sector in paving the way to a more sustainable future.

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As Reflective Satellites Fill the Skies, UA Students Make Sure Astronomers Can Adapt

As satellites crawl across the sky, they reflect light from the sun back down to Earth, especially during the first few hours after sunset and the first few hours before sunrise.

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