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From Connected Cars to Oil Pipelines: Engineering Innovators Aim to Protect 'Internet of Things'

Around the world, countries are on the cyber offense.

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UArizona Engineer Leads $1M Project to Fight Vision Loss

Eye infections are common in rural farming communities. A scratch on the cornea caused during agricultural work can get infected and turn into a scar, then an ulcer.

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Researchers Move Past Conventional Wisdom to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Nobody likes sitting in traffic.

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$7.5M Effort Seeks to Prevent Lunar Traffic Jams

The moon is top of mind for many national space programs and private companies, with some planning to send humans back to the lunar surface as early as 2025.

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Researchers Pilot 'Itty Bitty' Device for Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection

Due to a lack of effective screening and diagnostic tools, more than three-fourths of ovarian cancer cases are not found until the cancer is in an advanced stage.

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Senate Confirms Microsoft Leader, UA Alum as CIO at Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The Senate confirmed Kurt DelBene, UA engineering alum and former Microsoft executive, as the CIO and assistant secretary for information and technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Janary 2022.

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$10M Elevates UArizona Hypersonics Facilities to National Prominence

University of Arizona aerospace and mechanical engineering researchers have received $3.5 million in funding from the state of Arizona's investment in the New Economy Initiative and $6.5 million i

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