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Taking Flight to Study Clouds and Climate

For centuries, the mysteries of clouds have intrigued philosophers such as René Descartes, who expressed the overwhelming challenge of explaining their nature.

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University of Arizona Launches Software Engineering Degree

The 2021 U.S. News & World Report ranked “software developer” as the best technology job in the United States, and the second-best job across all categories.

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ABOR Selects Marwan Krunz as Regents Professor

The Arizona Board of Regents on Thursday confirmed the appointments of six University of Arizona faculty members, including electrical and computer engineering professor Marwan Krunz.

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Hispanic Engineering Senior a First in NIH Oxford Scholars Program

Jocelyne Rivera is the first Hispanic woman to be accepted to the National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, an accelerated doctoral training program for students committed to biomedic

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Engineers Use Confetti-Sized Device to Change Songbird Pitch, Improve Understanding of Human Speech

The human brain regions responsible for speech and communication keep our world running by allowing us to do things like talk with friends, shout for help in an emergency and present information in meetings.

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Engineers Propose Solar-Powered Lunar Ark as 'Modern Global Insurance Policy'

University of Arizona researcher Jekan Thanga is taking scientific inspiration from an unlikely source: the biblical tale of Noah's Ark.

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Engineering Background Serves Attorney Alum Well

An engineering degree can open a wide world of possibilities.

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Award-Winning Geometallurgist Breaks Down Barriers

Anyone who’s seen an old cartoon or film about mining knows the image of a sooty man making his way through a dark tunnel.

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