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Biomedical Engineering

This section of the college news site gathers stories that feature the faculty, students, staff and programs of the UA Department of Biomedical Engineering. For detailed information about all other aspects of BME, please visit the department website.

Biomedical Engineering News

Jason Keatseangsilp sits in a sports wheelchair with slanted wheels, smiling and holding two trophies on his lap. Behind him is a blue banner that reads, "Londrina Open UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour"

Q&A: Alum Climbs World Rankings in Wheelchair Tennis

Jason Keatseangsilp, who earned his biomedical engineering degree in 2017, is ranked No. 2 nationally in men’s wheelchair tennis singles – and approaching the top 50 globally, out of ~500 ranked players. Now he is contemplating the possibility of the Paralympics.
simple graphic of a belt with a sensor and control board attached and labeled. On the right, a simple drawing of a person wearing two belts, which are radiating out signals, represented as red and blue lines.

Navigation by Vibration, Rather Than Sight

Two professors—one of them blind—work with a group of neuroscience and engineering students on a device to help visually impaired people move through the world more safely and efficiently.
Terry Matsunaga in a laboratory lit with blue light, wearing a lab coat and smiling.

Three UArizona Engineers Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Liesl Folks, Mark Van Dyke and Terry Matsunaga have been recognized for their technological contributions to engineering and health care.
 A small device, about the size of a penny and the thickness of a sheet of paper, attached to an artificial bone.

UArizona Researchers Develop Ultra-Thin 'Computer on the Bone'

Engineers and physicians teamed up to develop a wireless device to monitor and protect bone health.