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Federal Grant Fast-Tracks UA Connected-Vehicles Research

UA Engineering researchers are partnering on a $15 million multi-university project to improve mobility of people and goods.
Doctoral student Hossein Dadashazar collects cloud water samples aboard the Navy Twin Otter.

UA Students Aboard Flying Labs Probe Climate Mysteries

Scientists know that aerosols affect climate, but they don’t know how. A University of Arizona chemical engineer is chasing clouds for answers and giving his students top-flight experience.

Space, Seen Through a Window

Astronaut and UA Engineering alumnus Don Pettit (PhD/ChE 1983) has taken thousands of mesmerizing images during his three missions to the International Space Station, many of which are now published in a new book, Spaceborne.

UA Researchers Go the Distance for Fluid Analysis Via Sweat

A team including UA biomedical engineer Marv Slepian has developed a wearable sensor that measures biomarkers in sweat to reveal information about the body’s chemistry, fluid status and response to exercise.
Salman Asadullah, right, advises some ECE students on their software design project.

‘Software Leads the World,’ Top Cisco Engineer Tells UA Students

Salman Asadullah gives engineering students at the University of Arizona an insider’s view of the radically shifting technology landscape and tips for gaining an edge.

UA Hispanic Engineers Club No. 1 in Leadership

Several individual students also bring home top awards from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2016 national conference.

UA Mining Engineering Internships Open Doors to Professional Success

Mining engineering internships at Freeport-McMoRan yield priceless international experiences for two friends and former UA classmates.

Female Ranger Challenge Captain Concludes Her Run

UA mechanical engineering senior Maurissa Wortham served as captain of the UA's Reserve Officers' Training Corps Ranger Challenge Team, which is seeing growing participation among women.