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U.S., Mexico Mining Researchers Forge Collaborations

Engineers and scientists at a UA panel celebrating a new joint Center for Mexican Studies discuss ways to make mining more environmentally sustainable.

'The Martian' Food-Growing System: It's Here

A team of UA researchers can already "farm" on the red planet with a fully functional prototype greenhouse that produces sweet potatoes and strawberries.

UA Professor Engages Kids, Encourages Z’s

Janet Meiling Roveda’s Web-based platform presents sleep data in a fun, interactive format for children in the UA-led "Z-Factor" study, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Students See Aircraft Assembled and Make Connections at Honeywell and Boeing

UA Engineering students take a career-oriented field trip to Arizona aerospace companies.

App Has Athletes Seeing Double To Make Them Think Twice About Concussions

UA engineering and biomedical researchers are building a virtual reality experience targeting concussion awareness to inspire NCAA football players and other student-athletes to report the real thing.

UA Launches New Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering

The College of Engineering’s newest degree program focuses on sustainability and prepares students for jobs of the future.

Device Could Speed Diagnosis of Infections

A new device created by a collaborative team of UA engineers and scientists may significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to diagnose tissue infections.

Second Astronaut Scholarship Awarded to UA Engineering Senior

UA senior Travis Sawyer, who has received several competitive scholarships, is intent on conducting research that improves the quality of life for people.