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UA Engineering Faculty Part of New Federal Initiative to Advance Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Inventors of total artificial heart, disposable blood-testing kits and wearable health-monitoring tools will advance U.S. manufacturing of bendable and wearable technologies.

Wearable Sensors, Virtual Reality Give Seniors a New Lease on Life

Biomedical engineers and clinicians at the University of Arizona are developing devices that reduce risk of falling and increase quality of life for older adults with balance and mobility issues.

Building Curiosity Into Technology

UA engineers are working on endowing a robot with the ability to spot the unusual, so that it can explore other planets or environments on its own instead of merely executing preprogrammed commands.

UA Grad to 'Pilot' OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft

Daniel Wibben, a UA systems engineering graduate who worked on the team planning the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission, has been hired by an Arizona-based space navigation company to help steer the spacecraft to the asteroid Bennu.

UA Engineering Plasma Research Could Make Flight Safer and Reduce Aircraft Emissions

With Department of Defense funding and student researchers that include a decorated Army pilot, Jesse Little studies plasma’s potential to transform aerospace testing and technologies.

Printing the Future of Engineering

3-D printing is revolutionizing the ways engineers think about and make highly complicated devices.

EPVSensors Takes a Closer Look at Glaucoma

UA Engineering-developed technology may lead to a breakthrough in glaucoma detection and treatment.

Visiting Students from Diverse Backgrounds Research Autonomous Cars at UA

Visiting undergraduate students, including some who are the first in their families to attend college, experience hands-on research -- and hands-off driving -- in a National Science Foundation program at the University of Arizona this summer and...