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Minkyu Kim in a white lab coat in his laboratory

Medicine Masquerade: Engineer Develops Imitation Red Blood Cells to Deliver Lifesaving Drugs

CAREER Awardee is building new drug delivery vehicles could improve efficacy and reduce negative side effects of lifesaving drugs such as chemotherapy.
Front of the Old Engineering Building

Stanley Pau, Judith Su Named to the National Academy of Inventors

Engineering professors recognized for achievements in fiber optic switching and high-tech optical sensors.
Four people stand in front of a large red and blue telescope.

UA Students Confirm Errant Rocket's Chinese Origin, Track Lunar Collision Course

Students studying the object's composition confirmed that it is most likely a Chinese booster and not a SpaceX booster, as previously reported.
Roberto Furfaro and Vishnu Reddy stand in front of a piece of telescope equipment, a cylinder about 3-4 feet in diameter.

$7.5M Effort Seeks to Prevent Lunar Traffic Jams

University of Arizona researchers are developing ways to detect, characterize and track objects in cislunar space, or the space between Earth and the moon.
Nisha Rajakrishna and Collin Preszler in the background. Collin is holding up a black prosthetic arm in the foreground.

Biomedical Engineering Students Build Neuroprosthetic Arm

With funding from the W.A. Franke Honors College, the two developed a concept and built a prototype.
Two men walking down a tunnel. They are silhouetted agains a purple-ish light coming from the end of the tunnel.

How Arizona's Mining Industry Will Fuel the Economy in 2022

Brad Ross speaks to Arizona Big Media about the Copper State's role in producing jobs and generating revenue.
Betsy Cntwell on a construction site, wearing a white hard hat with a Block A logo. She is smiling and holding the bill of the hat.

Building for Research: A Conversation With Betsy Cantwell

The senior vice president for research and innovation, also a professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, on the role the Applied Research Building plays in the university's research puzzle.
A professor and a student, both wearing surgical masks, seen from below. They are looking down at a model of the hand and wrist bones.

National Society Recognizes Physician-Professor's Hand Biomechanics Discoveries

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognizes Zong-Ming Li for his "hand"iwork developing non-surgical solutions for carpal tunnel syndrome.