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2013 Engineering Homecoming Honors Alumni, Showcases Faculty

Distinguished alumni, surprise announcements, and talks on sustainability take center stage for Homecoming 2013.

Engineers Without Borders: Back to Basics

Simple, not complicated, engineering works best high in the Andes

Breakthrough in Retinal Implants Expected to Restore Sight to the Blind

Retinal implants have not lived up to their potential, argues a joint UA-German research team, until now.

Keeping Our Nuclear Stockpile Safe and Ready

Testing nuclear weapons is banned by treaty, so the only way to ensure our stockpile’s safety and readiness is virtual weapons testing using the world’s fastest supercomputers to crunch lab data.

Ovarian Cancer Imaging System Reaches Milestone

UA researchers are fine-tuning a holographic instrument to diagnose the 'silent killer' during laparoscopic procedures and screenings.

Researchers Get $3.7 Million for Bomb Detection in Aircraft Baggage

The research team will design a system based on compressive management to more efficiently detect explosives.

Freshmen Switch on the Sun, Get Games Started

Fun with a serious purpose: Solar Oven Throw Down showcases freshman creativity and mathematical prowess.

Brown Foundations Name 23 UA Engineering and Business Scholars

Tom Brown's family foundation aims to help set the stage for the next homegrown global success.