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UA Engineering Announces Fall 2013 Outstanding Seniors and Grad Students

College honors this semester's outstanding seniors and graduate students

Biosystems Engineering Senior Receives 2013 Centennial Achievement Award

Centennial Award winner wants to translate her lunar greenhouse experience into fighting hunger here on Earth.

Making Technology Stick in an Industry as Old as Civilization

Automated mining with real-time big data management earns UA expert a spot in mining hall of fame.
air force fire fighters

The Sound of Destruction

What do kidney stones, a shrimp’s lunch, and fire-fighting foam have in common? The answer lies in the destructive power of sound waves, which UA College of Engineering researchers are investigating as a means of eliminating toxic chemicals

UA STEM Outreach Reveals the Wonder of It All

SHPE/UA Science Day yields plenty of Aha! moments for Tucson middle school students.

Pinning Down Aerosols to Shed Light on Visibility, Clouds, Climate Change

Navy, NASA aircraft field studies get UA scientists closer to missing pieces of the atmospheric puzzle.

ChEE Professor Opens up the Skies for Graduate Students

Hot research topics and on-the-job learning draw students to chemical and environmental engineering, and keep them there.