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UA Engineer Goes Back Country Biking in Tanzania to Test Local Water Sources

Engineering professor Linda Powers spent part of her summer biking around Tanzania testing wells for bacteria using a unique instrument designed at UA.
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UA Space Systems Engineer and Moon Express Team Eye $30 Million Google Lunar X Prize

In the second of a brace of articles about the research of UA space systems engineer Roberto Furfaro, we look at his work with Moon Express, a privately funded lunar transportation company that plans a pinpoint landing on the moon in 2014, giving it a good chance of winning the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize.
professor studies space mural

Mission: Possible or Impossible? UA Space Systems Engineer Has the Answer

Scientists have endless ideas for extraterrestrial exploration. Some are feasible, some not. In a two-part series, we look at how UA engineer Roberto Furfaro gives the red or green light to space missions. First, searching for delta-V, the complex factor that makes a space mission viable. The second part of this series will focus on Furfaro's...
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Engineering, Optics Colleges Land National Support for Special Equipment

Department of Defense funds high-tech measuring equipment to support research.