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Adam Printz in his lab

Ink Dries on Printable Electronics DOE Award for UA Professor

Printable electronics could enable technologies like highly efficient thin-film solar power and rollable LED screens, but determining how to print these films at manufacturing scale is still a work in progress. A chemical engineering professor is setting out to overcome challenges in scalable printing with a prestigious $875,000 award from the...
A student stands in front of a house model outfitted with electronic sensors and hooked to a monitor

Training Expands UA’s Cybersecurity Expertise to Minority-Serving Schools Across Nation

The hands-on PACT program provides research and leadership opportunities for undergrads and graduate students.
Andrea Achilli in his lab, with beakers in the foreground of the photo.

UArizona and Partners Form Consortium to Address Southwest Water Concerns

As traditional sources of water run low, concern around Arizona's water supply is growing. A team of researchers is working to address the problem by advancing water reuse techniques.
Betsy Cantwell stands at a podium in front of a crowd

Space Act Agreement With NASA Advances UA Engagement in Human Spaceflight

An agreement with the Johnson Space Center will increase university involvement in human spaceflight expeditions.