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A set of optical devices in the foreground, with DK Kang in the background, blurred and wearing a white face mask.

UArizona Engineer Leads $1M Project to Fight Vision Loss

Biomedical engineering and optical sciences professor DK Kang is developing a way to diagnose and treat corneal ulcers that's eight times cheaper and 20 times faster than today's gold standard.
A silhouette of a man wearing glasses in front of a large computer screen.

Researchers Move Past Conventional Wisdom to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Housed in the College of Engineering, the Center for Applied Transportation Sciences is partnering with state, county and city governments to improve traffic conditions.
Minkyu Kim in a white lab coat in his laboratory

Medicine Masquerade: Engineer Develops Imitation Red Blood Cells to Deliver Lifesaving Drugs

CAREER Awardee is building new drug delivery vehicles could improve efficacy and reduce negative side effects of lifesaving drugs such as chemotherapy.
Front of the Old Engineering Building

Stanley Pau, Judith Su Named to the National Academy of Inventors

Engineering professors recognized for achievements in fiber optic switching and high-tech optical sensors.