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Civil Engineering Researcher Looks to Remedy Inequities in Traffic Safety

With an award from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, assistant professor Alyssa Ryan leads a team to identify age-old transportation challenges in underserved populations.

Graduate Student Fellowships Boost Contributions to Life-Changing Research

Engineering fellows at the University of Arizona are pushing the limits in areas ranging from artificial intelligence and disease detection to hypersonic flight.
Sorooshian in a research aircraft

Testing Marine Cloud Brightening to Slow Global Warming

CHEE professor helps build a research plan.
A black metal capsule the size of a doghouse rests on the desert ground

UA’s Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum Displays a Piece of the Asteroid Bennu

The asteroid, collected during the OSIRIS-REx mission, includes the building blocks of life and some surprising elements.