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 A small device, about the size of a penny and the thickness of a sheet of paper, attached to an artificial bone.

UArizona Researchers Develop Ultra-Thin 'Computer on the Bone'

Engineers and physicians teamed up to develop a wireless device to monitor and protect bone health.
A young woman in a lab coat and goggles leans over a sample of rocks laid out on a table. They are lit up with a bright light shining from a flexible arm.

Helping Women Overcome Discrimination in STEM

University of Arizona provost and engineering professor Liesl Folks leads a project that aims to give women in STEM tools for overcoming gender bias and discrimination.
An older woman sitting at a table completing a white puzzle shaped like a human head.

Engineers Contribute to $60M Precision Aging Network

The network, established with funding from the National Institutes of Health, has the the ultimate goal of developing more effective brain-aging treatments and interventions targeted to the individual.
Four students in matching red t-shirts pose on the lawn next to their solar oven -- a cardboard box with a funnel shape on top, decorated with orange and purple tissue paper.

Engineering Students Demonstrate Solar Cooking Skills

Over 500 first-year college students and high school students tested home-made solar ovens on the UA Mall.
John Tsitouras

John Tsitouras Looks Back on 66 Years Since Graduation

A man with a knack for all things electrical and mechanical is among the College of Engineering’s oldest alumni.
Andrew Wessman and Mohammed Shafae standing next to a 3D printer, which is about two feet wide and a bit taller than them.

Ensuring Accuracy in 3D-Printed Jet Engine Parts

With $750,000 in NASA funding, engineers work to mitigate and prevent defects in additively manufactured metal parts designed for use in extreme environments.
Sammy Tin

MSE’s New Department Head a Natural Fit

Sammy Tin, the inaugural Patrick R. Taylor Endowed Chair in Materials Science and Engineering, has plans to grow the undergraduate student population and reach new heights in research.