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UA Potable Water System Wins 2016 Best Project Award

The University of Arizona and collaborators receive the 2016 WateReuse Arizona Project of the Year Award for their work converting wastewater into high-quality drinking water.
Tania Martinez Cruz

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Alumna Wins National Prize in Mexico

Tania Eulalia Martínez Cruz, who earned her master’s degree from the University of Arizona in 2012, received the 2016 National Youth Prize for academic achievement from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Aug. 12.

Retina Researcher Erika Eggers Sheds Light on Vision’s Mysteries

University of Arizona faculty member wins two prestigious federal grants, totaling $2.8 million, to reduce the specter of blindness for millions with diabetes and deepen insight into how we see.

UA Engineers Twist Physics Laws to Boost Sonic Science

Materials science engineer Pierre Deymier is bending sound waves in nature-defying ways that could quiet our cities, heal our bodies and provide new sources of energy.

UA Engineers Design Wi-Fi to Squeeze More Connections from Limited Spectrum

A handheld wireless device in development by two University of Arizona engineering professors could create more wireless connections in an increasingly crowded spectrum.

UA Engineering Alumnus Aims to Send Glider to Record 90,000 Feet

As CEO of the Perlan Project, aerospace engineer Ed Warnock prepares to launch an engineless aircraft to the edge of space and elevate our knowledge about climate, the ozone layer and flying on Mars.

Record Number of Teachers Sign Up for UA STEM Program

In summer workshops, high school math and science teachers learn new ways to teach their students about robotics, solar energy, water sustainability and the brain.

Kelly Potter Recognized for Mentoring Solar Go-Kart Teen Teams

UA Engineering professor Kelly Potter awarded for supporting STEM education by coaching high school students as they fund, design, build and race solar-powered go-karts.