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UA Engineering Announces Fall 2014 Outstanding Seniors and Grad Students

College honors this semester's outstanding seniors and graduate students.

Designing a Smaller, Lighter Airplane Tail

UA Engineering's Israel Wygnanski, with engineers from Caltech, Boeing and NASA, is ushering in a new era of fuel-efficient airplane design.
Wolfgang Fink is developing ophthalmic examination devices similar to the one shown here that attach to smartphones for health care providers to conduct eye exams in the field.

UA Engineering Vision Researcher Turns Smartphones into Eye-Screening Tools

The University of Arizona's Wolfgang Fink, whose innovations have helped restore partial sight to the blind, takes on a new challenge: creating telemedical devices that can prevent blindness.

UA Fulbright Scholar Working to Ensure Integrity of Digital Data

Electrical and computer engineering professor Bane Vasić is heading to Serbia and France to advance error-correcting codes that guarantee the flawless transmission of digital information, even in the presence of corrupting influences.

2014 Engineering Homecoming: Powerful Partnerships in Real Time

Partnerships in biomedicine, challenges in mining, Mars rovers, women in engineering and One World Trade Center are among the hot topics at UA's Engineering Homecoming.

Building a Monument to Resilience

Construction of One World Trade Center is ‘what America is all about,’ says Yoram Eilon at a special UA College of Engineering Homecoming event.

Making MRI a Potent Weapon in the War on Cancer

Marty Pagel and his multidisciplinary research team are developing MRI techniques for early detection of cancer and for monitoring effectiveness of anticancer drugs.

Campus Today, the Cosmos Tomorrow

UA engineers are at the forefront of developing technology that could one day be used to explore far-away planets or dangerous environments on Earth.