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UA Tunnels Get Carbon Fiber Makeover

A technology developed by civil engineering Professor Emeritus Mo Ehsani to make buildings resistant against quakes and blasts is now being used to repair underground tunnels on campus.

UA Bioengineering Research Probes the Mysteries of Cellular Growth and Repair

In his research into controlling and mimicking regenerative biological systems, Pak Kin Wong is developing new tools to unravel one of life’s greatest mysteries -- how cells grow and heal.

Engineering Researchers Help Tucson Plan for Drier Days Ahead

New designs for water supply improve quality, use less energy

College Announces Spring 2014 Outstanding Seniors, Grad Students and Teaching Assistants

The UA College of Engineering announced the outstanding seniors, graduate students and teaching for the spring 2014 semester at a commencement luncheon May 5.

Kelly Simmons-Potter Named Fellow of American Ceramic Society

ECE professor and optics expert Simmons-Potter elevated to prestigious rank in national society.

Ingenuity Reigns at 2014 UA Engineering Design Day

More than 350 students displayed their creations -- from a street sweeper onion-harvesting contraption to a towering 3-D printed rocket that passed all its flight tests -- during the 12th UA Engineering Design Day.

High-Flying UA Undergrads to Conduct Microgravity Research Aboard NASA's G Force One

The UA Microgravity Research Team will conduct experiments to determine whether polymers made in space behave the same way as the same polymers made on Earth.

Bijan Najafi: One Foot in Engineering, the Other in Medicine

Bijan Najafi and his research team bring biomechanics and biomedical modeling to medicine, so people with diabetes stand a better chance of keeping their feet and seniors avoid the devastating consequences of falls.