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Wolfgang Fink is developing ophthalmic examination devices similar to the one shown here that attach to smartphones for health care providers to conduct eye exams in the field.

UA Engineering Vision Researcher Turns Smartphones into Eye-Screening Tools

The University of Arizona's Wolfgang Fink, whose innovations have helped restore partial sight to the blind, takes on a new challenge: creating telemedical devices that can prevent blindness.
soldiers with weapons cache

UA Researchers Hunt Bomb-Eating Bugs

UA researchers are investigating bacterial eating habits as part of a $1 million study to determine the environmental fate of newly developed munitions.
Electrical and Computer Engineering building

UA to Host International Workshop on Antenna Technology

Workshop focuses on small antennas found in wireless devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, radio frequency ID tags, hearing aids, pacemakers, and more.
Electrical and Computer Engineering building

UA Electrical and Computer Engineering Grad Student Gets IEEE Doctoral Research Award

Graduate research could contribute significantly to the next frontier of wireless sensing and communication.