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Faculty News

Civil Engineers Honor UA Researcher for Reshaping Seismic Safety

Sturdier buildings and stricter building codes earn earthquake engineering expert Robert Fleischman and his team the Charles H. Pankow Award for Innovation.
Elsentriecy and Gervasio in the lab

UA Startup Caltrode Tackles Galvanic Corrosion

Researchers have invented a new type of sensor designed to work effectively in high-temperature environments, and it has implications for solar power, nuclear reactors and petroleum refining.
Native copper

UA Inventions Deliver Cleaner Copper, Energy Capture

A toxin-free method for extracting copper from raw ore and other procedures using molten salts represent an opportunity for a sizable impact in both mining and energy storage.
Chao Zeng

UA-Based Study Finds No Safety Threat from Brief Exposure to Industrial Nanoparticles

A multi-university research team based at the UA has found that nano-engineered materials widely used in semiconductor manufacturing pose low environmental risk.