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Faculty News - September 2019

Salim Hariri and his students

$3M Grant to Create Cybersecurity Modeled After Human Body

Electrical and computer engineering researchers are training a future cybersecurity workforce and creating bioinspired methods for keeping computers secure.
Two men stand in a crowded lobby. One is gesturing at machine on a table in front of him, while the other listens carefully.

Sound of the Future: A New Analog to Quantum Computing

University of Arizona engineers are using soundwaves to search through big data with more stability and ease.
Eight faculty members smiling and wearing red and blue leis.

New Faculty Join UA Engineering

The college welcomes nine tenure-track faculty members and several lecturers as the 2019-2020 academic year begins.
UA campus at sunset

UA Engineering Honored for Commitment to Diversity

National engineering education society names college to first group of award recipients for dedication to serving underrepresented students and faculty members.
A high-tech tractor-type vehicle moves across a field.

UA Testing Out Cutting-Edge Farming Technology

Arizona engineers operate automated tractors that can do the work of thousands of farmers.