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Wolfgang Fink holds a schematic of an eyeball

International Achievement Award Highlights Decades of Optical Mastery

Wolfgang Fink holds commonalities with the award’s namesakes, who were leaders in establishing the UA as an optics powerhouse.
Ricardo Valerdi addresses a group of children in baseball caps outdoors

For Student Success, Science of Sport Hits a Home Run

The program has benefited nearly 500,000 elementary and middle school youth since 2012.
artist's impression of the breadcrumb scenario, autonomous rovers can be seen exploring a lava tube after being deployed by a mother rover that remains at the entrance to maintain contact with an orbiter or a blimp

Hansel and Gretel's Breadcrumb Trick Inspires Robotic Exploration of Caves on Mars and Beyond

University of Arizona engineers have developed a system that allows autonomous vehicles to scout out underground habitats for astronauts.
head shot of Moe Momayez

Mining Professor Elected to the National Academy of Inventors

Moe Momayez strives to continually improve the world through sustainability.