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Engineering alumna Claire Tomkins explains to the audience at the Engineers Breakfast why we need an engineer in the White House.

UA Engineering Homecoming 2016 Highlights the Profession's Humanity

The UA Engineering annual homecoming breakfast made a strong case for the belief that society's ills will persist unless those with skills in technology and critical thinking, not to mention compassion, are given room to flourish in the corridors of power.

UA Professor and Alumna Earn State and National Honors for Promoting Diversity in STEM

University of Arizona materials science and engineering associate professor Erica Corral and Honeywell engineer and alumna Marla Peterson are helping more women and Hispanics excel in STEM.

UA Engineering Students, Alumni Mission Critical to OSIRIS-REx

From modeling the asteroid to steering the spacecraft, UA engineering students are helping ensure all systems are go.
Tania Martinez Cruz

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Alumna Wins National Prize in Mexico

Tania Eulalia Martínez Cruz, who earned her master’s degree from the University of Arizona in 2012, received the 2016 National Youth Prize for academic achievement from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Aug. 12.