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This section of the college news site gathers stories that feature the faculty, students, staff and programs of the UA Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering. For detailed information about all other aspects of SIE, please visit the department website.

Systems & Industrial Engineering News

Roberto Furfaro and Vishnu Reddy stand in front of a piece of telescope equipment, a cylinder about 3-4 feet in diameter.

$7.5M Effort Seeks to Prevent Lunar Traffic Jams

University of Arizona researchers are developing ways to detect, characterize and track objects in cislunar space, or the space between Earth and the moon.
Andrew Wessman and Mohammed Shafae standing next to a 3D printer, which is about two feet wide and a bit taller than them.

Ensuring Accuracy in 3D-Printed Jet Engine Parts

With $750,000 in NASA funding, engineers work to mitigate and prevent defects in additively manufactured metal parts designed for use in extreme environments.