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Systems & Industrial Engineering

This section of the college news site gathers stories that feature the faculty, students, staff and programs of the UA Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering. For detailed information about all other aspects of SIE, please visit the department website.

Systems & Industrial Engineering News

Two men stand at a podium with an award

Engineering Innovators Recognized at I-Squared Awards

Tech Launch Arizona honors BG Networks and Science of Sport, started by engineering faculty, for impact and #MakingItHappen.
Rendering of a craft in space

OSIRIS-REx's Success Marks the Start of Extended OSIRIS-APEX Mission

After dropping off its historic sample from asteroid Bennu, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is headed to its next target: another potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroid, called Apophis.
Mario Romero-Ortega head shot, Ricardo Valerdi in baseball stands

Two Departments Engage New Leaders

Mario Romero-Ortega joins biomedical from the University of Houston, while Ricardo Valerdi is promoted from within systems and industrial.
Ricardo Valerdi stands with a baseball and catcher's mitt in a baseball stadium

Embracing the Future: Ricardo Valerdi Leads SIE into the Next 60 Years of Innovation

As the department celebrates 60 years since the founding of systems engineering, Valerdi’s vision expands beyond becoming a top-ranked program to meeting the needs of a changing world.