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Sorooshian in a research aircraft

Testing Marine Cloud Brightening to Slow Global Warming

CHEE professor helps build a research plan.
A black metal capsule the size of a doghouse rests on the desert ground

UA’s Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum Displays a Piece of the Asteroid Bennu

The asteroid, collected during the OSIRIS-REx mission, includes the building blocks of life and some surprising elements.
A group of 11 stands around a table holding award medallions

2024 Patent Luncheon Marks a Year of Engineering Breakthroughs

Inventive faculty strengthen the economy and attract national recognition.
Students stand in front of the tall sandbag structure outdoors

Cathedral Termite Mounds Inspire UA Engineering Lunar Structures

Associate professor Jekan Thanga and a team of student researchers are developing smart, robot-built sandbag shelters for NASA astronauts on the moon.