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Judith Su in her lab with FLOWER. The lab is dark and lit with blue and purple lighting.

The Nose Knows: CAREER Awardee Developing Bioinspired Optical Sniffer Sensor

With a prestigious grant from the National Science Foundation, a biomedical engineering and optical sciences researcher is creating a device that can sniff out diseases, dangerous chemicals and other substances with the sensitivity of a bloodhound.
Wolfgang Fink poses with a planetary rover

From Microelectronics to Mars

The Edward & Maria Keonjian Endowed Chair Supports Discoveries Big and Small.
Three people pose on the steps of Old Main at the University of Arizona

Mechanical Engineering Student Graduates With His Family

Doing it together is ‘so big.’
Kim Ogden holds a guayule plant

UA Engineers Lead $70M Project to Turn Desert Shrub Into Rubber

Guayule is a sustainable crop with the potential to provide a reliable domestic rubber source.
6 students pose with a manufacturing device

Anti-Snoring Project Excites at Design Day 2023

Engineering students competed for $47,000 in prizes, with projects ranging from the winning Snorpheus to a BattleBot and a system for a swarm of aquatic drones.
Adam Printz in his lab

NSF CAREER Awardee Advances Lightweight, Low-Cost Solar Technology

Perovskite photovoltaics are a promising method for generating solar energy, but molecular-level instabilities have prevented their widespread use. With a prestigious National Science Foundation Award, an engineering professor seeks to deepen...
Erin Ratcliff

Da Vinci Circle Selects Erin Ratcliff as 2023 Fellow

From a UA postdoc to a national center director, a chemical and environmental engineering professor has brought together disciplines and teams from across the nation to accelerate the pace of science.