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A group of instructors poses indoors, with one row sitting and one standing

Engineering Welcomes 22 New Faculty, a Record High

The college’s newest group of hires includes two new department heads, leadership for a new school, professors of practice, and experts in software engineering.
A setup in a materials science and engineering laboratory, lit with dim blue light.

UA Scientists Investigate New Frontiers of Sound With $30M Center

The New Frontiers of Sound Science and Technology Center will focus on topological acoustics, an emerging field in which researchers exploit the properties of sound in ways that could vastly improve computing, telecommunications and sensing.
6 people stand in front of a research poster

CAT Vehicle Students Paving the Way for Self-Driving Cars

Prestigious summer program prepares students for graduate school and to enter an industry projected to generate $300B.
Adam Printz in his lab

Ink Dries on Printable Electronics DOE Award for UA Professor

Printable electronics could enable technologies like highly efficient thin-film solar power and rollable LED screens, but determining how to print these films at manufacturing scale is still a work in progress. A chemical engineering professor is...
Angelina Anani poses with virtual reality equipment

The Mine Comes to the Classroom

Angelina Anani places the University of Arizona’s mining classes among the nation’s first to incorporate virtual reality.
A gloved worker holds a computer chip

Arizona Leads the Way in Semiconductors

The University of Arizona is committed to collaborations that are growing the semiconductor workforce and supporting the industry.
A family of four poses outdoors

Prestigious Awards Pave the Way for Twins in Engineering

First-year students plan to take problem-solving mindsets all the way to medical school.
A student stands in front of a house model outfitted with electronic sensors and hooked to a monitor

Training Expands UA’s Cybersecurity Expertise to Minority-Serving Schools Across Nation

The hands-on PACT program provides research and leadership opportunities for undergrads and graduate students.