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11 Pieces of Advice From UA Engineering Wildcats

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11 Pieces of Advice From UA Engineering Wildcats

Nov. 8, 2022
Earning an engineering education is as rewarding as it is challenging, and many find they learn just as much about topics like teamwork, communication and even themselves as they do about scientific principles and the design and manufacture of goods. Looking for tips on how to best tackle the journey? Take it from these current students and recent graduates.

 Don't be caught up in mess of grades, labs, and reports. Focus in on the fact that you are here to learn as much as you can because in the real world that is what matters. Keep in mind the bigger picture always. You are working towards becoming an engineer. -Natalie S., industrial engineering

a group of students study in a biomedical engineering lab


Live in an engineering theme community. -Ryan H, aerospace engineering

three young women stand in front of a red UA Engineering backdrop smiling and holding props, like a paper cutout of Wilbur Wildcat


Time management!! It is so important to manage your time in this field. Make time for studying and homework, but also make time for yourself to hang out with friends and take care of yourself. Burnout can happen so easily if you don't take breaks when you need to! Go for a walk if you feel like you hit a wall studying. Read a book for your pleasure in your spare time instead of only taking in collegiate material. -Ashli A., systems engineering

a young woman wearing a mask, goggles and a hat that says "Bayer" works on a plant in a Bayer Greenhouse. The plants are in the foreground and she is seen through the leaves.


Don’t be afraid to major in engineering! Engineers come in many different forms, and new ways of thinking are what is needed most in our industries. Your perspective is unique and will help you succeed in ways you never thought of. -Katie S., mining and geological engineering

a group of students stands in front of a UA Engineering backdrop and smiles


 Join clubs and meet people. Go into every experience with an open mind. Apply for things you want, even if you don't feel like you are entirely qualified. -Alena H., chemical engineering

a group of students sit and stand around a Baja racing car on the UA Mall during the Engineering Homecoming tailgate


 It can be really easy to get caught up in your classes and not get involved in all the things going on at UA campus. My first semester was pretty stressful, but during my second semester I rushed Phi Rho and started going to study groups with some of the people in my classes. These actually made it easier to do well in class because I wasn't always looking for the answers by myself. Working as a team on tough physics questions at 1 a.m. helped me bond with my sisters in Phi Rho and people I met who've become some of my closest friends. Being an engineer isn't about knowing the right answer all the time, it's knowing how to get help and work as team when you need it. Getting involved and meeting others who struggle as much as I do has gotten me through so much. -Kat K., materials science and engineering

a group of students smile and hold up props like foam fingers in front of a white UA Engineering backdrop


 Remember why you chose engineering! It gets hard, but stick with it by remembering why you wanted to get into it. -Zack H., civil engineering

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 Go to office hours! All faculty are required to host office hours, and few people take advantage of this opportunity so you can get some one-on-one time with your professors. Besides understanding the content better, you can ask about research opportunities and even get letters of recommendation as you get to know your professors better. -Madison S., materials science and engineering

In a room outside a wind tunnel lab, bathed in blue light, a professor points to an image on a screen in front of a student.


 Don't be afraid to sign up for more clubs than necessary when you first come to college. You can best see what matters most to you this way. -Grace H., mechanical engineering

Two young woman stand behind a table with a red tablecloth that reads "Wildcat Baja Racing." One of the students holds a helmet under her arm.


 Get engaged! If you're interested in research, find some labs and apply. Professors really do appreciate enthusiastic freshmen since they can train you and still have you in their lab, theoretically, for another two to three years. It's a lot better than most seniors. And if research isn't for you, find some clubs you're passionate about. College is really what you make of it. -Collin P, biomedical engineering and electrical and computer engineering


One failed test will not derail your future. Learn from your mistakes and always strive to do better. -Meg R., chemical engineering

A student looks to the side at his solar oven, a cardboard box decorated with grey duct tape and a red paper cutout of an explosion.