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two students, seen from behind, examine a drone. the sun is shining and they are smiling.

13 Reasons to Study Engineering at the University of Arizona

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13 Reasons to Study Engineering at the University of Arizona

July 13, 2022
Take it from these #ENGRCats! The College of Engineering offers hands-on design experience, industry connections and lifelong friendships – not to mention a pathway to high-paying careers in a wide range of areas, from electrical engineering to structural engineering.


 Majoring in engineering feels like learning the secrets to how the universe works. Once you develop that secret knowledge, you can start using it to change the world around you for the better. -Madison S., materials science and engineering

a student wearing a VR headset and holding a remote reaches out his arm with an expression of awe.


You get to learn about how to apply your theoretical knowledge in math and science to a real problem. -Natalie S., industrial engineering

two students show a Design Day judge a small screen.


I am doing something that I find challenging in order to better myself. -Justus T., systems engineering

photo taken from inside an optical device.  a metal object shines a stream of light onto a chip. From the other side of an amber-colored glass, a student oversees the process.


I love learning how to think and approach challenges in life the way an engineer does – with thoughtfulness and efficiency. -Katie S., mining and geological engineering

in the foreground, an optical device, with a concave lens held in a black 2D circular object balanced on a metal pole. Two students work on laptops in the background.


 The money and the people. -Alena H., chemical engineering

 My favorite part about majoring in engineering is being able to collaborate with my peers to find solutions to complex problems. -Marbella C., architectural engineering

a group of five students stands behind a surface n which several plants are growing in small cups, like a muffin tin.


 My favorite part about majoring in engineering is getting to meet other students who are interested in the same things I am. I've always loved math and science, so it's really fun being around others who feel the same and are using math/science in creative ways to solve problems. -Kat K., materials science and engineering

several students lean over a Formula 1 racing vehicle, while others look on from the background


 The design courses and resources [are my favorite], hands down. The whole reason I want to be an engineer is to create things and feel some of that pride when it works. And here at the UA, there are plenty of design courses and lab resources to build projects, from Catalyst Studios and the Salter Medical Device Lab to the machining facilities in Gould-Simpson. -Collin P, biomedical engineering and electrical and computer engineering

Philipp Gutruf lectures a group of students in the Peter and Nancy Salter Medical Device Lab, a space with lab equipment and a wall of windows letting in lots of natural light.


 It makes me feel like all this work I am doing in college will eventually make an impact in the world. Whether it is a big or small impact, engineering reminds me I can help improve an aspect of someone's life. -Ashli A., systems engineering

a model of the bones of a human foot in the foreground. In the background, a student is adjusting a set of ropes and strings attached to the foot.


 My favorite part about engineering is the hands-on aspect that a lot of our courses provide. I love getting to take classes with lab components where I get to apply all of the knowledge from the lectures. In labs I have had the opportunity to build circuits on breadboards, work with microcontrollers like Arduino, and work on code development in C and C++. Getting to work in the labs is such a great experience and it has really helped enforce all of the engineering topics I have learned about and provides me with experience for my career. -Sam S., electrical and computer engineering

a board with colorful wires on it in the foreground. to the left is a laptop. in the background, out of focus, a young woman is smiling.


My favorite part of engineering is learning more about how the world works. Engineering is used in every aspect of the world – and by studying engineering you really get to see how different parts of systems work together. -Zachary S., optical sciences and engineering

a young woman with glasses leans over to adjust a piece of optical equipment.


 The ability to have a future career in almost every field. -Meg R., chemical engineering

a student holding a drill up to a small 3D printed metal item.


 My degree will enable me to make an impact in the world of the future. We are put in a unique and special position where we will define the attributes of future aircraft and spacecraft. We are engineering the future. -Aaron F., aerospace engineering

Two people stand in front of a wind tunnel, which looks like a large metal box with one transparent side through which people can look. The area is lit with red and ble light.
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