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Inside a driverless car
George Gunter, left, and Rahul Bhadani show the data from an advanced sensor attached to the roof of the Cognitive and Autonomous Test, or CAT, vehicle. (Photo: Zac Ziegler/AZPM)

U.S. Students Learn to Program a Driverless Car at the UA

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U.S. Students Learn to Program a Driverless Car at the UA

Aug. 8, 2017
The 10-week summer course encourages students to continue studies in research-based graduate programs.

Nine college students from around the country wrapped up a summer program Tuesday at the University of Arizona Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where they worked on programming driverless cars.

One group of students worked with a basic sensor that the UA's CAT, or cognitive and autonomous test, vehicle, uses to judge distance.

As autonomous vehicles become more popular, trying to have them cooperate and drive together is going to be a big part of our transportation problem,” says George Gunter, a civil engineering student at the University of Illinois.