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Poster Presentations From SSES Research Forum Now Available Online

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Poster Presentations From SSES Research Forum Now Available Online

April 21, 2009
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Engineering researchers with a focus on sustainable engineered systems got a glimpse of the shape of things to come at a sustainability research forum organized by the College of Engineering on April 3.

More than 30 poster presentations with a theme of sustainability were on display, and a talk was given by Michael Reischman, deputy assistant director at the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Engineering.

Reischman's talk -- Priorities and Opportunities for Research at NSF -- centered on sustainability topics within the engineering grand challenges put forward by the National Academy of Engineering, and how they meshed with the research areas covered by the proposed School of Sustainable Engineered Systems.

Of the 30-plus posters presented at the research forum, most have been made available in PDF format [7.3 MB] by Jo Leeming in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

List of Poster Presentations

  • Winning the Global Race for Solar Silicon David Lynch
  • Sustainable Manufacturing in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Anthony Muscat
  • Biologically Inspired Nanomanufacturing Anthony Muscat et al.
  • Engineering High-Temperature Materials Erica Corral
  • Low ESH-Impact Gate Stack Fabrication by Selective Surface Chemistry Shawn Miller
  • Novel Metrology for Application in Wet Surface Preparation of Patterned Wafers Kedar Dhane
  • Arid Lands Sustainable Bioenergy Institute (ALSBI) Don Slack
  • Mitigating Damages to the Natural and Built Environment from Geohazards Muniram Budhu
  • Modeling & Management of Distributed PV Generation, Storage, and (Smart) Grid Young-Jun Son
  • Charge Generation and Transport in Nanoheterogeneous Materials Barrett Potter
  • Algae Biofuels: Designing Biofuels We Can Believe In Joel Cuello
  • Storage of Renewable Energy Using CAES Lianyang Zhang
  • Multiscale/Multiphysics Framework for Engineering Problems: From Transportation Modeling to Materials and Structural Mechanics Yi Chang Chiu
  • Controlled Environments: Plant Production Technology Addresses Global Issues with Sustainable Biological Systems Gene Giacomelli
  • Sustainable Inland Desalination Wendell Ela
  • Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) of Thin Films for Solar Energy Glenn Schrader
  • WISER Water: Whole-scale Integration of Social and Engineering Research to Manage Water Resources Kimberly Ogden
  • Scaled Demonstrator of Solar Tower Plant Hermann Fasel
  • Flow Control for Wind Turbine Applications Hermann Fasel
  • Compressed-Air Energy Storage Systems for Stand-Alone Off-Grid Photovoltaic Modules Krishna Muralidharan
  • Integrating Entrepreneurship in Engineering Mike Arnold
  • The ATLAS Center: Transportation Systems, Planning Management, and Operations Pitu Merchandani
  • Development of a Center for Multiscale/Multiphysics Research for Sustainable Engineering Systems Ludwik Adamowicz
  • Novel Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Hermann Fasel
  • Biomass Conversion for Arid/Semi-Arid Regions: Focus on Algae and Guayule Kimberly Ogden
  • Mitigating the Footprint of Mineral Processing Jinhong Zhang
  • Energy Saving Opportunities in Mining Moe Momayez
  • Optimization of Water Resources Mary Poulton
  • Sustainable Resource Development of Critical Earth Materials Mary Poulton
  • Grand Challenges in Resource Development Mary Poulton
  • Solar Energy Storage Using Compressed Air in Geologic Repositories Ben Sternberg