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E-Week Sneak Peek

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Genevieve Messina
Vice president of the Engineering Student Council Genevieve Messina poses inside the Old Engineering building. She will coordinate events during E-Week in an effort to build community and showcase the success of engineering students.

E-Week Sneak Peek

Feb. 18, 2016
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Leave it to UA Engineering students to turn opening an umbrella into a public spectacle! It’s all part of the Rube Goldberg Competition, the kickoff event of Engineers Week, Feb. 19-27.

Engineering Week is the annual celebration of the study of engineering held at the UA. Games, competitions and charity events all combine to showcase the diversity and community found within the College of Engineering and its student body.

It’s a week about celebrating engineering. As engineers, we study so hard; [E-Week] is something that’s fun and can get people communicating with different majors and bring everyone together.”