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A group of seven people -- five students holding certificates flanked by two professors -- pose for a photo

Award recipients in the Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering pose for a photo.

College Celebrates Spring 2022 Outstanding Seniors and Graduate Teaching Assistants

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College Celebrates Spring 2022 Outstanding Seniors and Graduate Teaching Assistants

May 20, 2022

College faculty, staff and students gathered in April to honor the semester's outstanding graduates and graduate teaching assistants. The awardees are nominated by faculty members for going above and beyond in their studies and work.


Aerospace Engineering: Ryan Heilner, nominated by Jekan Thanga

Biomedical Engineering: Anakaren Romero Lozano, nominated by Elizabeth Hutchinson

Biosystems Engineering: Christopher Kaufmann, nominated by Peter Waller

Chemical Engineering: Madeline Dailey, nominated by Greg Ogden

Civil Engineering: Zack Hansen, nominated by Dean Papajohn

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Andre Schreiber, nominated by Jerzy Rozenblit

Engineering Management: Eric Duarte, nominated by Robert (Bob) Lepore

Environmental Engineering: Mackenzie Bonny, nominated by Vasiliki Karanikola

Industrial Engineering: Alexis Lerwill, Industrial Engineering, nominated by Sherilyn Keaton

Materials Science and Engineering: Madison Diane Sitkiewicz, nominated by Krishna Muralidharan

Mechanical Engineering: Micah Sieglaff, nominated by Parviz Nikravesh

Mining Engineering: Kate Willa Brown, nominated by Moe Momayez

Optical Sciences and Engineering: Sebastian Valencia, nominated by John Koshel

Systems Engineering: Kelsey Ramirez, nominated by Neng Fan

Graduate Teachers’ Assistants

Aerospace Engineering: Mingde Li, nominated by Jesse Little

Biomedical Engineering: Ali Kamali, nominated by Kaveh Laksari and Ali Bilgin

Biosystems Engineering: Kate Stalkfleet, nominated by Muluneh Yitayew

Chemical Engineering: Eva-Lou Edwards, nominated by Armin Sorooshian and Songtao Xie

Civil Engineering: Haohua (Howard) Chen, nominated by Liangyang Zhang

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Shuting Hu, nominated by Ali Akoglu

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Alexander Fusco, nominated by Dale Hetherington

Environmental Engineering: Daniel Diaz, nominated by Byron Hempel and Roberto Guzman

Materials Science and Engineering: Nicholas Baumann, nominated by Pierre Deymier

Mechanical Engineering: Ammar Gwesha, nominted by Jesse Little

Mining and Geological Engineering: Maxwell Drexler, nominated by Isabel Barton and Gail Heath

Optical Sciences and Engineering: Laura Sawyer, nominated by r R. John Koshel and Michael Nofziger

Systems and Industrial Engineering: Alexus Hurtado, nominated by Ricardo Valerdi

Systems and Industrial Engineering: Hawraa Bahzad, nominated by Sherilyn Keaton

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