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College Announces Fall 2015 Outstanding Seniors and Grad Students

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Doug Loy, left, professor in the UA department of materials science and engineering, presents Lynn Nguyen with her outstanding senior award.

College Announces Fall 2015 Outstanding Seniors and Grad Students

Dec. 9, 2015
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UA College of Engineering announces outstanding seniors and graduate students for fall 2015 semester at commencement luncheon December 8.

The slide show below features comments by nominators about what made their students outstanding, followed by photographs from the awards luncheon.

Outstanding Seniors

Ruben Adkins‐Rieck Aerospace Engineering
Nominated by Jesse Little, assistant professor

Liliana Saldana Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Larry Sobel, adjunct professor, and Jessie Little, assistant professor

Todd Crouthamel Biosystems Engineering
Nominated by Kitt Farrell‐Poe, professor and department head, and Peter Livingston, associate professor of practice

Isaac Gilles Civil Engineering
Nominated by Tribikram Kundu, professor

Matthew Watson Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nominated by Hal Tharp, professor and associate department head
In addition to this College award, the University of Arizona Foundation named Watson the UA College of Engineering’s outstanding senior

Lynn Nguyen Materials and Science Engineering
Nominated by Pamela Vandiver, professor

Kyle Cramer Mining Engineering
Nominated by John Kemeny, professor and department head

Travis Kibler Systems Engineering
Nominated by Bob Lepore, engineering management program director

Outstanding Graduate Students

Khalid Al Asadi Civil Engineering
Nominated by Jennifer Duan, associate professor

Arghya Sain Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nominated by Kathleen Melde, professor

Raquel de Horna Garcia Engineering Management
Nominated by Bob Lepore, engineering management program director

Christopher Olivares Martinez Environmental Engineering
Nominated by James A. Field, professor and assistant dean of graduate education

Yiwen Xu Industrial Engineering
Nominated by Haitao Liao, associate professor

Ethan Boroson Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Samy Missoum, associate professor

Qingming Feng Mining, Geological and Geophysical Engineering
Nominated by Jinhong Zhang, associate professor

Rashid Aljalahema Systems and Industrial Engineering
Nominated by Jeffrey B. Goldberg, dean