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February 2020

Salter Lab

Engineers Gain Hands-On Experience in New Medical Device Design Lab

The Peter and Nancy Salter Medical Device Design Lab provides engineering students with a space to design, build and experiment unlike anywhere else on campus.
Students in solar-powered go-karts get ready at the starting line of a race.

Get Set for 2020 Racing the Sun Go-Kart Competition

This SARSEF event, supported by the University of Arizona College of Engineering and its industry partner Caterpillar, empowers high school students to pursue higher education and careers in STEM.
Alyssa Hom and Shandi Spencer

Employers Seek Out Top Engineering Talent at 2020 iExpo

Record numbers of students attend Arizona’s largest student-run engineering career fair. Many walk away with job possibilities.
Alex Craig and Jesse Little standing next to a hypersonic wind tunnel, a horizontal metal tube about the circumference of a large tree.

$1.7M in Department of Defense Funding Enhances UArizona's National Aerodynamics Reputation

Aerospace and mechanical engineers will use elevated wind tunnel capacity to expand experiments on vehicles traveling at the speed of sound -- and much faster.
A photo shot from above of a man at the top of a ladder next to a large white airplane, which says "Langley Research Center" on the side.

Probing the Hazy Mysteries of Marine Clouds

Engineer Armin Sorooshian is leading a $30M NASA mission to help climate and weather modelers better understand how aerosol particles and meteorological processes affect cloud properties.
Professor Erin Ratcliff in her lab

Scientists Study Sweat, the Small Stuff

A multidisciplinary team of researchers is developing new methods to collect and analyze sweat for clues about how the body is functioning.

Tiny Wireless Devices Cast Light on Brain’s Inner Workings

Biomedical engineers have developed a device that could provide unique insight into the mechanisms of pain, depression, addiction and certain diseases by observing the brain at the single-neuron level.

Sky’s the Limit for Brooke Owens Fellow

University of Arizona junior Lindsey Koelbel will intern at HawkEye 360 for the summer as part of a program for women and gender-minority students in aerospace.