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March 2018

brain scans

Brain Injury Modeling Reveals Deep Trauma Patterns

New research results indicate that traumatic brain injury, such as that resulting from impacts in sports and auto accidents, is caused by stretching and straining of tissue well below the surface of the brain.
summer engineering academy students

Students Set Out from Summer Camp to College and Career

The UA College of Engineering’s Summer Engineering Academy can turn undecided high school students into dedicated engineering undergraduates.
Edson Guebe

Blasting Through Barriers: Edson Guebe

Undergrad forges his own path, hoping to foster sustainability and give back to his birthplace. First article in series about diversity and inclusivity in mining engineering at the University of Arizona.
wolfgang fink

Humans, Machines Enter a New Orbit

As humans prepare to push off from the safe haven of Earth and embark on journeys into deep space, a new generation of explorers is in the making -- some of them human, some robotic and some with aspects of both.
UA mine rescue team in the San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory

Blasting Through Barriers: UA Builds Future of Mining With Varied Perspectives

As they earn degrees from the University of Arizona and put them to use, the men and women featured in this series of articles are defying expectations about who mining engineers are and what they do.
Vishnu Reddy and Tanner Campbell

UA Researchers Track Chinese Space Station as It Falls

As Chinese space station Tiangong-1 falls to Earth, UA astronomer Vishnu Reddy and aerospace engineering graduate student Tanner Campbell are following its path using technology they developed in four months -- and with less than $2,000.

The Future of Farming Takes Root

Sustainable agriculture is quickly becoming the wave of the future as global leaders grapple with the question of how to feed a world population approaching 10 billion. At the UA, researchers are looking up for answers, in the form of vertical...

I-Squared Awards Honor Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Ecosystem Champions

Tech Launch Arizona held its fifth annual awards event, shining the spotlight on the UA's biggest stars of innovation.