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November 2017

Kim Ogden

UA Professor Kim Ogden Takes the Helm at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Biofuels expert is the first University of Arizona faculty member and fifth woman to lead the professional society.

UA Architect Searches for Building Blocks to Fight Wildfires

As legislators and ecologists grapple with solutions to wildfire prevention, help is coming from a unique source: the building industry. Aletheia Ida believes sustainable building practices can play an integral role in the future of prevention.
Making a giant mirror

The Astounding Engineering Behind the World's Largest Optical Telescope

The Giant Magellan Telescope mirrors built on the University of Arizona campus are engineering marvels destined for the planet's biggest optical observatory, which has already taken almost six years and $20 million to make.
Wilma and Wilbur Wildcat

UA Engineering Homecoming 2017: High-Powered and Full of Heart

University of Arizona alumni in biomedicine, aviation, construction and energy share stories of starting new ventures and leading Fortune 500 companies.