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Ben’s Bells Award for UA Engineering Professor

Supapan Seraphin receives Ben's Bells award for her caring and kindness.
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UA Engineering Leads Haiti Earthquake Survey Team

One year ago today a massive earthquake devastated Haiti. An engineering team from UA is looking at ways to reduce the carnage inflicted by future earthquakes while the island and its people recover slowly amid disease and mountains of rubble.
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ICOSSE-11 Report: Roundabouts Save Lives and the Environment

Roundabouts reduce accidents, injuries and traffic flow, thus reducing delays, fuel consumption and air pollution. They are also more visually pleasing than arrays of lights and signs, which tend to distract drivers.
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Squeezing Sustainable Energy From Thin Air

Energy from compressed air stored underground is cheap, clean and renewable, and could even save lives. Researchers at the UA's School of Sustainable Engineered Systems are designing systems that will run fridges, buildings or power plants.
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New Glaucoma Test Allows Earlier, More Accurate Detection

Ophthalmologist and engineering professor develop glaucoma home test.