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Faculty News

Graphic of a city overlaid with lines of connectivity, represented by blue light.

Quantum Entanglement Offers Unprecedented Precision for GPS, Imaging and Beyond

University of Arizona researchers are using quantum entanglement to detect radio frequencies with more sensitivity and accuracy than ever.

UA Team to 3D-Print Medical Masks

Engineering and health sciences researchers are teaming up to address the shortage of personal protective equipment in Tucson health care facilities.
Traffic jam

UA Engineers Collaborate on $3.5M DOE Traffic-Flow Project

Researchers at UC Berkeley and the University of Arizona, among other institutions, plan to move automated vehicles out of the lab and onto roadways for fuel savings.
Illustration of power, lighting and roving concepts operating in a lunar crater. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

Lunar Lasers and Cosmic Crops: NASA Funds UA Space Exploration Missions

NASA funding will support UA teams working on ways to harvest water and produce crops in space.