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Elsentriecy and Gervasio in the lab

UA Startup Caltrode Tackles Galvanic Corrosion

Researchers have invented a new type of sensor designed to work effectively in high-temperature environments, and it has implications for solar power, nuclear reactors and petroleum refining.
Native copper

UA Inventions Deliver Cleaner Copper, Energy Capture

A toxin-free method for extracting copper from raw ore and other procedures using molten salts represent an opportunity for a sizable impact in both mining and energy storage.
Chao Zeng

UA-Based Study Finds No Safety Threat from Brief Exposure to Industrial Nanoparticles

A multi-university research team based at the UA has found that nano-engineered materials widely used in semiconductor manufacturing pose low environmental risk.
Using Google to diagnose concussion

UA-Built Concussion App in NCAA Competition

Sports-related concussions are now part of the national conversation, and a team of UA researchers — including football players Jason Sweet and Scooby Wright — is teaching athletes to recognize and report the signs.